5 Even Cheaper Alternatives To MoviePass Invented By Your Estranged Uncle

3. Hang out by the back dumpster and wait for them to take out the trash

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.31.35 PM.png

A lot of you over-pampered Millennial wimps might find this stupid, but waiting quietly behind a dumpster until a sad employee comes out with some garbage is another surefire win. Just grab that exit door after this dweeb comes outside and — ZIPPITY BOOP — you’re in. Obviously if you’re spotted, you gotta knock the employee out, steal their uniform, and go enjoy some movies before they wake up. (CLICK ON TITLE FOR FULL ARTICLE)

Source: https://medium.com/the-salmon-pages/5-even-cheaper-alternatives-to-moviepass-invented-by-your-estranged-uncle-c9c05a5ca88b